Why Install a Security System

Protecting you and your family is our top priority.

  • Don’t depend on your neighbors or family members to watch over your home while you’re away. Doing so will put them in harm’s way.
  • Today’s systems are affordable. Installations are included and they are user friendly, compared to the wired systems of yesteryear.
  • The installation of a home alarm system increases your home’s value and lowers your homeowner’s insurance.
  • A monitored alarm system’s response time is 15 seconds. You are guaranteed the proper authorities will be dispatched to your home saving valuable time, when seconds count.
  • With 24/7 monitoring and support, false alarms are eliminated by a simple phone call.
  • Your dog does its best to protect you. But let’s face it, your dog is a family member, and they should not be your first line of defense. Today’s technology helps protect your pets too, especially in the event of a fire.
  • Today’s alarm systems do a lot more than just prevent burglaries. We offer packages for fire, carbon monoxide, medical, surveillance, climate control and home automation.

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